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We are a full service law firm offering a range of legal services including commercial and corporate advisory, civil litigation, dispute resolution, banking and conveyancing.
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Local Faces, Regional Bases
Having opened its doors on 4th January 2021, LZ Hussain & Co. have vast and comprehensive experience in the legal field. We also have active associations with law firms in the Southeast Asian region. With these associations, we are able to provide comprehensive legal services to clients across the region.
Where Every Client is Family
We make it our utmost priority to deliver high-quality and efficient services to our clients. We pride ourselves in ensuring that clients will benefit from a close working relationship with our lawyers. We recognize that understanding our clients' needs, interests and priorities and applying a growth mindset allows us to better assist our clients achieve their goals.
Law & Community
Our Founding Partner in setting up LZ Hussain & Co, envisioned service to the community to be a hallmark of the firm. Not only do we strive to be progressive and dynamic as lawyers, our values and principles as individuals are what steer us towards our long term vision of aligning ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
The Impian Project
The Impian Project, established by our Madam Lailatul Zubaidah, has been acknowledged by the Governments of the United Kingdom and Canada. She received the 216th Commonwealth Point of Light award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her volunteer work in providing a community platform for families with special needs children. She was also appointed Champion for Canada’s #SheLeadsHere campaign in Brunei Darussalam in support of her efforts to advance the rights and education of those living with disabilities.
Protecting the Vulnerable
Our Founding Partner's work in the community has made her a go to for the vulnerable population in Brunei Darussalam. This has shaped the firm’s vision and aspirations in striving for greater accessibility and justice for those who are particularly disadvantaged by socio-economic challenges.
Representing the Marginalized
Our Managing Partner, Safina Hamid, who is Legal Advisor to Project Women, a non-profit social enterprise established to educate, engage and empower women and girls, has also earmarked legal matters involving women’s rights as her area of interest. Safina is a passionate and dedicated family lawyer and has impressive mileage in dealing with custody and maintenance disputes.
Serving the Financially Challenged
Our Senior Partner, Shahyzul Rahman, has given legal advice to and represented financially challenged accused persons on a pro-bono basis in criminal proceedings. He is a firm believer of enhancing access to the justice system and has experience in initiatives and raising awareness to formalise mediation as a part of the civil justice system.
Another way of Resolution
Last but not least, we are a firm that encourages peacemaking. Legal matters that, in our opinion are more suitable for mediation, are referred to our associated mediation practice Damai Mediation for facilitated discussions. The Partners in our firm, being qualified mediators as well as lawyers, are able to offer our clients alternative perspectives in addressing and resolving legal disputes, salvaging many damaged business and family relationships along the way.
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